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V-Cone Blender

The V-Cone Blender (also known as a twin shell blender) is one of the most commonly used tumbling blenders. The blending performance of this type of blender has shadowed many of the members in the blender family. They offer both short blending times and efficient blending.There are no agitators inside the V-Cone Blender, all the movement of the powder is due to the rotation of the shell which creates an avalanche of product. After a certain number of rotations, an optimum mixing is obtained.

  • Capacity — 50 - 1500 LTRS
  • cGMP Model and Design as per ASME guidelines
  • MOC - SS304/ SS316/ SS316L
  • Qualification Documents - IQ, DQ, OQ and FAT Protocol
  • Optional Items/ Accessories
  • VFD
  • FLP Motor and Panel