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Tablet Section

Tablet Coating System

The Tablet coating machine is an equipment that coats the external surface of a tablet using a thin film of the coating material. Angled baffles are also fitted into the drum and also the airflow is provided which acts as a means to mix the tablets.

  • Capacity (In Inch) - 12, 24, 30, 36 and 48
  • cGMP Model
  • MOC-SS304/ SS316/ SS316L
  • Temperature controller shall be provided to control the temperature.
  • Anti vibrating unit shall be provided to control the proper floor level, so there is no requirement of foundation
  • Hot air blower with inlet air damping arrangement
  • Qualification Documents - IQ, DQ, OQ and FAT Protocol
  • Optional Items/ Accessories
  • Baffles - welded or detachable
  • FLP Motor and FLP Starter
  • Steam heated hot air blower system with flame prrof blower
  • Spray Gun

NB:- Spares items also available like Gasket, Spray Gun, Motor, and other components etc.