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Ointment & Liquid Section

Ointment/ Cream Manufacturing Plant

The Ointment/Cream Manufacturing Plant is ideal tool for Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics and Consumer Care Industries for the production of Ointment, Cream, Lotions, Tooth Paste (Medicated, Herbals etc.) and other emulsions and homogenizations. It is specially designed to take care of two critical factors which directly affects the quality of the Ointment/Creams.

  • Capacity - 5 - 5000 Kg
  • Application
  • Pharmaceuticals - Sterile & Non-Sterile Ointment, Cream, Gel, Lotion, Medicated Toothpaste, Foot Care etc.
  • Cosmetics & Consumer Care - Lotions, Cream, Face Wash, Shaving Creams, sun Cream gels, Hair Dyes Creams Shampoos, Conditioners, Tooth Paste, Bath Additives & Many more
  • MOC- SS 304/ SS 316/ SS 316 L
  • Vessel design as per ASME guidelines.
  • Pipe fittings are of seamless quality, internally Electro-Polished with tri-clover ended joints.
  • Total Mfg. Plant Consists of Followings:
  • Main Mfg. Vessel, Wax Phase Vessel, Water Phase Vessel, Storage Tank, Working Platform, Interconnecting Pipeline and Control Panel
  • Pumps- Metering Pump, Bump Pump & Vacuum Pump
  • Accessories (Pressure Gauge, Safety Valve & Air Vent Valve)
  • Entire Plant can be operated by centralized operating Panel.
  • R&D, Pilot, Single/ Double type Model also available or as per Client requirements.
  • Semi contra rotary anchor type agitator with open slot Scraper design.
  • Pre-Mix vessels with top/bottom Stirrer.
  • Inbuilt Homogenizer or Inline Homogenizer.
  • Safety Interlocks
  • Qualification Documents- IQ, DQ, OQ & FAT Protocol
  • Optional Items/ Accessories
  • Weighing Facility (Load Cell).
  • VFD for all Anchor and Homogenizer
  • Contra Anchor for High Viscous Products like Toothpaste.
  • PLC based, with touch screen HMI and SCADA packages.
  • 21 CFR Part 11- Provision & Compliance.
  • Top Dish for Pre-Mix Vessels.
  • Thermowell & Thermosiphon.
  • Vent Filters
  • FLP Panel
  • Utility Pipeline
  • Fully Automatic Plant with actuated Valve
  • Branded/reputed make accessories (VFD, Load Cell, Valves, Pressure Gauge, Steam Trap, Diaphragm Valve, Spray Ball, Sight Glass, wiper, Sensor, Electrical Components etc.)

Homogenizer Originally designed to make dispersions and emulsions, this type of homogenizer works through the rotation of a rotor inside a stator, which creates a suction effect. The combination of high RPM from the rotor and exit through tiny slots allows the sample to be mechanically sheared into very small particles.

NB:- Spares items also available like Gasket, Homogenizer, Scrapper, Mechanical Seal, Motor, Valves and all other related components.